Gamer Army rank insignia patches

The official requisition page.

Aten-HUT! Line up, soldiers. We have finally ordered a batch of insignia. They are two-inch-tall embroidered pieces with an iron-on backing, perfect for display on the arm of your GA uniform or any other piece of apparel.

(GA patch and name tape included in picture only to show scale, and are not included; click to view all pics)

All insignia will be distributed in sets of two: a standard, right-facing piece, and a "reversed," left-facing piece. Corporal and higher are created with additional chevrons and rockers, which are included in the appropriate packages. Individual upgrade components and higher rank packages will be made available as promotions are awarded.

Worldwide shipping via first-class mail is included in the price. Pieces will be shipped within two days of receipt of payment.

It is required that you include your GA name and ID number in your order; also, purchase of a package not commensurate with your rank is prohibited, i.e., attempting to requisition a sergeant package if you are only a private. If you do, your order will be canceled and your payment refunded.

If you have any further questions, send a message to, and they will be addressed as soon as possible.

Click here to purchase via the GA Insignia Requisition Center website, or click below to pick one of the other patch designs offered by GA-IRC: